As an ERP service provider partnered by Amazon, we will always strictly abide by the policies of the Amazon platform and ensure that our actions comply with relevant regulations. In the course of our business, we will pay as much attention as possible to Amazon's policy changes and will make adjustments and improvements in strict accordance with the new policies. Here are some of the main policies we will follow:

1. Data privacy and security: We respect the privacy rights of every customer and will not collect, use or disclose customers' personal information without reason. We will also take all necessary technical measures to protect the security of customer data, including using encryption technology, implementing access control policies, etc. At the same time, we also need to comply with all laws and regulations that apply to our business, such as the Cybersecurity Law, Consumer Rights Protection Law, etc.

2. Intellectual Property Rights: We will respect the intellectual property rights of others and comply with all copyright and trademark laws. We will not copy, modify or distribute any copyrighted work without authorization unless we have obtained the relevant rights or been authorized to do so. Before submitting our products to the Amazon platform, we need to ensure that we have the rights to use all content in the product, including images, text, and other media resources.

3. Product content: We need to ensure that our products comply with Amazon's various content requirements, such as prohibiting the publication of obscene, violent, hate speech or other illegal content. We need to ensure that product descriptions are true, accurate and detailed to help customers better understand the product's features and functions. Additionally, we are required to regularly review the content of our products to ensure they remain compliant with Amazon's requirements.

4. User experience: We will work hard to improve user experience and ensure that our services and products meet user needs. We will provide clear and accurate product information so that users can make informed purchasing decisions. At the same time, we will take user feedback seriously and solve the problems they encounter during use as soon as possible.

5. Fair competition: We need to respect the principle of fair competition and not engage in any form of unfair competition, such as false statements, slander of competitors, etc. We need to advertise our products and business honestly and attract customers by providing quality services and goods.

6. Amazon’s terms of service and policies: We need to strictly abide by Amazon’s various terms of service and policies, such as the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, the Application Programming Interface License Agreement, and any other relevant policies and guidelines. These policies are designed to protect the rights and interests of customers, maintain market order, and provide us with a level playing field.

To help you understand our commitment, we've listed several important policy links below:

We will continue to pay attention to Amazon's new policies and requirements and are always ready to make changes and optimizations in accordance with the latest regulations. We hope that through our efforts, we can make your store operation experience more pleasant and safer.

作为亚马逊合作的ERP服务商,我们将始终严格遵守亚马逊平台的政策,确保我们的行为符合相关规定。 在我们的业务过程中,我们将尽可能关注亚马逊的政策变化,并严格按照新政策进行调整和改进。 以下是我们将遵循的一些主要政策:

1.数据隐私与安全:我们尊重每一位客户的隐私权,不会无故收集、使用或披露客户的个人信息。 我们还将采取一切必要的技术措施来保护客户数据的安全,包括使用加密技术、实施访问控制策略等。同时,我们还需要遵守适用于我们业务的所有法律法规,例如 如《网络安全法》、《消费者权益保护法》等。

2. 知识产权:我们将尊重他人的知识产权并遵守所有版权法和商标法。 未经授权,我们不会复制、修改或分发任何受版权保护的作品,除非我们已获得相关权利或被授权这样做。 在向亚马逊平台提交我们的产品之前,我们需要确保我们有权使用产品中的所有内容,包括图像、文本和其他媒体资源。

3.产品内容:我们需要确保我们的产品符合亚马逊的各种内容要求,例如禁止发布淫秽、暴力、仇恨言论或其他非法内容。 我们需要确保产品描述真实、准确、详细,以帮助客户更好地了解产品的特性和功能。 此外,我们还需要定期审查我们产品的内容,以确保它们始终符合亚马逊的要求。

4.用户体验:我们将努力改善用户体验,确保我们的服务和产品满足用户需求。 我们将提供清晰准确的产品信息,以便用户做出明智的购买决定。 同时,我们将认真对待用户反馈,尽快解决他们在使用过程中遇到的问题。

5.公平竞争:我们需要尊重公平竞争的原则,不从事任何形式的不正当竞争,如虚假陈述、诽谤竞争对手等。我们需要诚实地宣传我们的产品和业务,以提供质量来吸引客户 服务和商品。

6. 亚马逊的服务条款和政策:我们需要严格遵守亚马逊的各项服务条款和政策,例如亚马逊服务业务解决方案协议、应用程序编程接口许可协议以及任何其他相关政策和准则。 这些政策旨在保护客户权益,维护市场秩序,为我们提供公平的竞争环境。


我们将持续关注亚马逊的新政策和要求,并随时准备根据最新规定进行更改和优化。 希望通过我们的努力,能够让您的店铺运营体验更加愉快、更加安全。